Liela Rotschy

Recent Work


Backpack is a portable backend for your web apps that provides the essential features of data persistence, user authentication, file storage, realtime communication, and frontend hosting without the complexities of managing and configuring servers to support each of those services. Grab a server (or a fleet of servers!), grab Docker, install Backpack, and host as many backends as your hardware can support.

Other Projects

Toolbox Data Visualizer

Built in Ruby using Sinatra, with embedded R for visualizations


A Reddit-like app built with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL allowing users to create, comment on, and upvote/downvote posts

Other Projects


Todos: a to-do management system built in Javascript with an API backend


A Trello clone built in React and Redux with a Rails API backend that supports creating, editing, and deleting boards, lists, and cards